Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Cure Your Work Blahs and Blues

Have lunch. Have lunch with people you enjoy. Have lunch with people you enjoy OUTSIDE of the office. That's the Lunch Club, over there to the right. I've been at my job since 2001. I, like many other people, ate at my desk almost everyday. In 2007, Colleen and Ryan rescued me from my boring-but-pretending-I'm-too-important-to leave-the-office lunch hours. I LOVE my lunch buddies. We can take our minds off of work with a plethora of conversation topics. And of course we talk about how friggin' WONDERFUL work is, too. We celebrate birthday's. We invite people in, while reminding them of the Lunch Club Cone of Silence, and leave them out , cause we're cranky or not in the mood. We think of stupid car rituals. We take turns ganging up on each other. Mostly we laugh, which is the best part. I seriously don't know what I'd do with out my Lunch Club. BTW, Colleen will surely be pissed for posting her pic and Ryan will back me up-- the usual gang-up configuration.

Happy Birthday, Ryan Ozawa, you slave to technology, you...


colleen said...

ugh, technology! I wanna leave a comment, have to sign up for something...more ugh and now have to re-type it! I forgot what I was ranting about already! Oh yeah posting my picture! What the hell! I hate that II can randomly show up somewhere without even knowing it. Did I approve this picture?!

Anonymous said...

Should've read the fine print on your Lunch Club membership application. It includes any and all clearances now and in perpetuity for your name, likeness, and medical records.

That guy with the shirt... what a dork!

FaithieJ said...

yes, but your OUR dork and we love you!

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