Thursday, June 19, 2008

Score One for the Good Guys!

Seeeeeeeee, sometimes we can make a difference. Remember the poison pen letter (my sis' catchphrase) I sent to Hawaiian Airlines? Did ANY of you think it would even get read, much less responded to? Heh, yeah, me either.
Well, I got a letter yesterday acknowledging my correspondence. I'm serious! No, I didn't get anything... that wasn't my point in writing. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud that I don't always sit back and take it. I'm proud that my mother's almost tyrannical insistence that we speak proper English has made me an articulate communicator. I'm proud that my love for music helps me express how I really feel about something. I'm proud to be surrounded by the kindest people so that I am always heart-centered and able to express myself from there.

It takes a village to make a Faithie that can write a letter that will get read and move people to respond. Thank you my peeps. Whether you know it or not, it's a win for all of us, as much as it is for me.
You can CLICK on the image to see the letter if you wish.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Juicy Tourture" Days 4-7: THE DEMISE

And just like that, the juice fast was over. One short day after trying to sing praises for my new "thang". DUNZO.

S_hit happens. Well, family parties happen, is what happened. I had a bad feeling from the beginning of the fast about this party that was happening right in the middle of it. Yep, I was right. I arrive at the party. I sat down. My parents didn't know what I'd been doing. And there it was: a prepared plate of pupus right in front of me. Poke, Tako, Won Ton... I lasted for about 40 mins and it was over. The eating began and boy did I eat. And I loved it.

On Tuesday, I picked up more juice-- what a fake! On Friday, I threw it out. Carrot juice with other stuff in it compared to the coveted Green Onion, Portuguese Sausage and Cheese Omlette... well, there's no comparison. actually.

Do I feel like a failure? Just a little. Mostly, I'm pleased that I'm alot more aware of food. My appetite has gotten smaller and I feel pretty good even after resuming eating.

Will I do it again? I wouldn't mind, but probably only for 2 days max.

What did I learn? That I am addicted to food. I'll be calling my therapist. After I'm done eating.