Monday, November 10, 2008

Why is Everyone So Shocked?

Why is everyone so shocked that President and Mrs. Bush are being so gracious to the Obamas? Of course they are. That's ALWAYS been who they are, no matter what has happened. They've always been classy, they've always been proper. They've always done their best. Everybody, Obama's in. George is out. Cut W a break already. Trust me, if you're looking for perfection in a president, you won't find it in Obama, or any president after him. So far, he's insulted Nancy Reagan, most of the speculative picks for his cabinet are Clinton people-- so much for change-- and if you ask me, he looks a bit skiddish right now. Reminds me of that line in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise realizes the impact of his life-changing, career-suicide "memo"... "It was just a mission statement". But, alas, those little faux pauxs only count if your anyone BUT Barack Obama. Now, THAT is shocking!


Anonymous said...

Would love to read where you're finding people who are shocked at a well orchestrated courtesy call. I must be reading the wrong websites! Link your sources, so I can enjoy the whole picture?

FaithieJ said...

Well, normally I only leave citations for my professors, but for you... just from watching CNN last night. Topped off with Larry King wanting to know if being cool to the Obamas is going to raise his likeability? Oh please, from a -15% to 0%, waste of airtime in my opinion, and a good reminder of why I should go back to watching L&O full time... at least until January 20th. And THANKS for the comment. That's exciting to incite a comment!

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