Thursday, October 11, 2007

"She Is All That I Have Left and Music is Her Name..." Take 2

Well, I'm not always the smartest tech-wise. I posted again yesterday, but have NO idea where it is. I was talking about my music and my chick band... girl power, baby. Wanted to show you guys a pic or 2 and therein lay the problem.Some rookie manuever on my part and I lost the post. The dashboard says I posted twice, but I have no clue. Anyway, it's Take 2, enthusiasm somewhat diluted. Plus Take 1 is lurking and could make an appearance.

So, I have this band. After 5. I LOVE my music. I LOVE playing music. I wanted to be called "G-String", but my bandmates hubby wasn't amused. We ended up with After 5. Tame... predictable... ugh! But who cares about the name, it's about the music and we are pretty good. "Of course, she'd say that", you say. Well, I'm serious; we are not too shabby. You know why? My theory? Because we play like guys. LOL. I'm sure someone will find that insulting. I don't care, it's true. We play loud and proud, like we can get ANYbody in the room to be a groupie or a roadie. Cocky. Heh heh. Good music is like good sex. And though I should only speak for myself, I'm pretty sure we do both.
I'm still working on our myspace page, but you can go there to get our calendar, if you're in Honolulu and so inclined. My girls, Sharlene and Arlene:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Blog Who's Time Has Come????


My Flagship Posting.

(SNICKER). I picked that title NOT because I'm a egotistical hot sh_t who thinks people should listen to my opinons, because I can change the world. LOL. Although, if you ask my sister and m'best friend Sharlene... ah, another topic, another day. Anyhoo, I picked that title because after MONTHS of talking about how I should blog to my friend Ryan, and after MONTHS of patient encouragement and the occasional restrained smile that tacitly says, "Lordy, just shaddup and do it, already!!!", I am blogging. I am diving in. I am ready to bare all-- vomit my innermost thoughts all over anyone who'll listen.

I am being dramatic. But, am also here. Blogging. And it is, even if no one ever reads this stuff, my time to speak my mind in this deceptively safe space. 8-)Laters.