Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A work post I can't get fired for...

I always caution people to be careful of posting about work on the net. However, I can't help myself today. I have to tell you guyz about my job... at least this one thing.

Tomorrow is our last day of work until January 5th 2009! 10 days off without having our vacation docked. What an awesome gift! The best bonus!

This is our 4th year of this bonus time off and it's become invaluable. It's a HUGE benefit that I always consider when I have a bad day and think I want to leave. It's my huge attitude adjuster.

My friends and family have come to loathe this time of the year where I am concerned and I am the target of many a snide remark AND pleadings of "Dang, you guyz no moah openings ovah de-a?"

Anyway... "Thank you my wonderful job for the extra time off I am sure to enjoy and am so excited for I can hardly stand it"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Do you come from a land down under?"

Well, whether you do or not, I needed to go down under at least for 2.5+ hours. I saw the movie "Australia." I left feeling very satisfied. Today, I'm not sure. I think I'm still satisfied, but not as much as I thought. I think being completely FRIED after a pretty draining couple weeks gave me a false sense of "dang, that was the best movie I saw all year!" Yes, that is what I actually said. HOWEVER, I can still give you a review.

Scale of 1-10 overall? A solid 7.

Moments of stunning cinematography from an "I've never been to Australia" point of view.

I was truly blown away by one scene with the herd and the "drovers"

Hugh Jackman. A man's man and totally yummy. He's reason enough to hold your pee for 2.5+

Bryan Brown. Plays the same kind of character he usually plays: rugged and manly... and aging.

Nicole Kidman. You know, I like her. But she's funny looking. She can cry on a dime like Demi Moore. She shows a tougher side when she insists that she can absolutely "drove". However, I couldn't help think of Tom Cruise when watching her thinking of his own narcissistic penchant for acting like he can do anything. She really matches "prissy", not Lara Croft.

The young boy, who's name escapes me has the most beautiful face.

As far as story, its an love story/ epic/ period piece, if you like that, but less the history lesson. It kept me interested. It is definitely a chick flick, and if it wasn't so long, I think most guys could fake. But at this length...

I must still be fried or pms'ing because I could actually see it again.