Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Food/ Restaurant Plugs

Well, it's October and that is birthday month for me. Seriously, it takes me a few days of the month to celebrate with everyone that wants to celebrate me. I am one lucky bastard. I am also a fatter than normal bastard in October.

I can stay the same weight for a REALLY long time. But, October is the month that if I'm going to move to the next pants size up-- well, I'll do it in October. So far, so good, despite a retarded amount of over-eating.

Anyway, plug #1:

Restaurant of the year for me this year is Alan Wongs and Alan Wongs: The Pineapple Room. Tasty friggin' food. Today we'll talk about the Pineapple Room. I spent my actual birthday at the Pineapple Room. For lunch, the standout dishes for me are the Cobb Salad and the Tempura Mahi Sandwich. After that, the Cheeseburger. For dinner, the Maui Onion Soup. Everyone that has the basic French Onion Soup on the menu thinks they do it different. The Pineapple Room really pulls off different. So, different that I know two people that hate the soup. But, I love it. I won't tell you how it's diffferent. Just go try it.

Happy eating. More later.


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