Monday, September 8, 2008


Father Blog forgive me for I am laaaaaaazy. It's been 2.5 months since my last post.

Amazing, I couldn't even blog 3-4 times a month. Last time I apologized, chastised, promised... this time I say, "that's life." Speaking of life, it's been full. Full of activity, full of joy, full of drama and full of shit. Just the way life should be.

The short version is:

1) My dad is a putz
2) My friend the addict is a putz
3) My living quarters is being renovated for months now
4) Work is GREAT! and I say that because you can't talk about work in a blog. I'd have to fire myself.
5) I got accepted into my masters program to become a therapist so I can deal with the above and more and perhaps make a decent living one day.

More Later ( becoming my famous last words)


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