Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Juicy Tourture" Days 4-7: THE DEMISE

And just like that, the juice fast was over. One short day after trying to sing praises for my new "thang". DUNZO.

S_hit happens. Well, family parties happen, is what happened. I had a bad feeling from the beginning of the fast about this party that was happening right in the middle of it. Yep, I was right. I arrive at the party. I sat down. My parents didn't know what I'd been doing. And there it was: a prepared plate of pupus right in front of me. Poke, Tako, Won Ton... I lasted for about 40 mins and it was over. The eating began and boy did I eat. And I loved it.

On Tuesday, I picked up more juice-- what a fake! On Friday, I threw it out. Carrot juice with other stuff in it compared to the coveted Green Onion, Portuguese Sausage and Cheese Omlette... well, there's no comparison. actually.

Do I feel like a failure? Just a little. Mostly, I'm pleased that I'm alot more aware of food. My appetite has gotten smaller and I feel pretty good even after resuming eating.

Will I do it again? I wouldn't mind, but probably only for 2 days max.

What did I learn? That I am addicted to food. I'll be calling my therapist. After I'm done eating.